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Phishing detection API are a great way to protect your customers and employees from phishing attacks. These services can identify malicious domains, prevent users from visiting sites that pose as legitimate businesses, and monitor supply chain and email spam attacks.

Why APIs Are The Best Solution For Phishing Detection

A phishing link is a URL that uses legitimate content, but is crafted to appear to take you to a spoofed organization’s website. It may ask you to enter sensitive information, like credit card details. This type of attack is common. The attacker can use a short and confusing domain name, register direct IP addresses, or use a brand name that is not associated with any company.

VirusTotal’s enterprise API can help you detect phishing campaigns and phishing kits. The API can be integrated with your security solution to help automate phishing detection tasks.

VirusTotal Enterprise monitors suspicious activity from trusted third parties. It offers all of the tools needed to conduct investigations. Whether you need to monitor a single domain or hundreds of domains, you can depend on VirusTotal’s extensive malware database to keep your company safe.

Visual-AI is an AI-powered service that helps you identify high-risk websites, brands, and elements. You can run this tool on your own site or through a partner company. Using machine learning technology, it is capable of instantly identifying and scoring websites that are at risk for malware.

Google Cloud’s Phishing Protection countermeasure platform can detect phishing attacks against you and your customers. It can also help block phishing links by providing remedial analysis.

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