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The micro-mesh design of the Smart Gutter Cleaners has received high marks on Amazon and a very positive overall customer rating. Ninety-two percent of customers gave it a five-star rating or higher. The product comes with detailed installation instructions and extra screws. While it did keep out most of the debris, it did form a valley in the gutters. Pine needles also got stuck in the micro-mesh guard. And, it required more maintenance than expected.

 Smart Gutter Guard Vs Other Gutter Guards

Other types of gutter guards have the same design, but some features are more beneficial than others. These include: brush-style gutter guards and micro-mesh gutter guards. The former is easy to install, while the latter requires you to stick a wedge of foam into the gutter to function. However, it can get clogged and requires manual cleaning. This type of gutter guard is not as durable as the micro-mesh type and can cause black streaks.

The Smart Flow is made of perforated aluminum. It is manufactured using a roll-forming machine to form the perforations in the material. Its wavy surface and series of holes allow water to flow through the product. While it blocks large flat leaves from deciduous trees, it is unsuitable for smaller debris. It comes in white and six-foot widths. And if you’re worried about leakage, the Smart Flow is the way to go.

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