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Building Packages For the IBM i

When building a package on the IBM i, you must first build it on the same server as  building packages the package you want to use. This is referred to as server package deployment. This method applies to AIX UNIX and NT servers. To build a package for an enterprise server, you must build it on a server of the same type. In this method, directory files are compressed into file types compatible with the enterprise server. You must also build your package on the same server as your IBM i system to use this deployment.

If you’re looking to save on construction costs, you should consider purchasing a building package. Building packages usually contain all of the materials and components you need to connect a single or multi-line building to a grid. Many of these packages come with easy-to-follow instructions for the installation process. You’ll find that they include illustrations to help you understand the process. In addition to the building itself, the building packages will come with all of the electrical wiring and hardware you need to complete the connection.

Before you can build a package, you must ensure that you have the exact versions of the required external software. Open-source software libraries should be backed up so that the reproducibility of builds is assured. Using a docker script to run your package build ensures reproducibility. For open-source software libraries, use backup download locations. To ensure that the build is reproducible, it’s a good idea to perform the reproducibility step as soon as possible.

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