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cold tub at home

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’ll have seen videos of people immersing their bodies in tubs full of ice and frigid cold tub at home or plunging into freezing alpine lakes. While it may seem like a strange wellness trend, submerging your body in bone-chilling water can help ease pain and speed recovery from injury, according to research. It also decreases inflammation, which can be helpful for a number of health conditions.

Often found at spas and health clubs, cold plunge pools are used as an alternating treatment with hot treatments, like saunas. It’s believed that the combination of hot and cold therapy boosts circulation, lowers stress levels, and improves metabolism and muscle recovery. Similarly, many athletes use an ice bath after workouts to ease sore muscles and prevent injuries.

Boosting Recovery: Cold Tub Rituals for Athletes at Home

If you want to try this wellness practice at home, you’ll need an insulated tub to keep the water at the optimal temperature. It should also come with a floating thermometer to double-check how cold the water is and a draining valve for when it’s time to change the water.

If you’ve never tried a cold immersion before, start with short (no more than 15 minutes) sessions and gradually build up your tolerance. It’s important to layer on extra clothing after your cold immersion and take a warm shower to bring your body temperature back up. You should also have a non-slip mat outside your tub and have someone ready to help you get out of the tub in case you lose your balance or become unsteady.

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