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When paired with the right cartridge, smart vape devices can provide long-term cost savings and convenience. In addition to reducing waste and expenses, smart vapes offer advanced features that enhance your vaping experience.

A good example is the DaVinci IQ, which has an attractive metallic build and uses a companion app to allow you to customize preset temperatures (Smart Paths). The device is powered by a replaceable, rechargeable 18650 battery that lasts for about 90 minutes of use.

Smart vapes are packed with innovative technology, from touchscreen capabilities to miniature PCBs that tell you as much about your device as possible. They can also adapt to your habits, preferences, and needs, making them a more personalized choice over traditional disposable vapes.

Smart Vaping: The Future of Vape Technology

The iJOY 8000 and Funky Republic T17000 are examples of feature-laden smart cartridges that are easy to use. The iJOY 8000 offers a unique, slim design and the ability to track e-liquid levels on its screen. It also has a handy battery and puff counter that’s accurate to the nearest cent.

The Geek Bar Pulse is another impressive smart vape that has some nifty features. One such option is the Pulse Mode, which prevents the coil from overheating by delivering bursts of power at regular intervals. It’s easy to activate from the settings menu and can be adjusted to suit your liking. It’s also loaded with other cool options, like haptic feedback to let you know when it’s ready to hit.

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