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If you’re interested in trying magic mushroom dispensary, it might be easier to buy them than you think. Several dispensaries are now selling the hallucinogens online and in stores across Canada, even though psilocybin is illegal without a prescription.

One of the first to open was a hemp store in Tampa called Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp, which started selling “magic mushrooms” last month. They didn’t actually contain psilocybin, which is banned in most states and the federal government, but the company says their fungal products are still guaranteed to make you trip, because they have a “psychedelic effect.”

Mushrooms for Mindfulness: The Impact of Dispensaries

The company sells mushroom grow kits, spores and mycology cultures, as well as functional mushrooms like chaga and oyster mushrooms. They also offer a variety of psychedelic mushroom supplements, including extracts and tinctures.

Health Canada warns on its website that consuming magic mushrooms can cause an individual to see, hear or feel things that aren’t there and can cause anxiety, nausea and muscle twitches. But Ottawa lawyer Eugene Oscapella, who specializes in drug policy, tells Global News that police may choose not to pursue such operations if there are noise complaints, reports of underage sales or links between the shops and organized crime.

A man who runs a Toronto store called Shroomyz, which has 15 locations in Ontario, calls his business a “medical protest” against the government’s anti-drug policies. He doesn’t give his name because he faces possible criminal charges if caught. He admits that his store violates the law, but he says he wants to keep selling mushrooms as long as there is demand, and he believes legalizing psilocybin will lead to more regulation of mushroom shops.

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