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Several companies offer interior design services in the following locations. A good interior designer can be a huge help if you’re building a new home or renovating a previous one. They can guide you to choose the right colours, fabrics and furniture. They can also save you a lot of time by organizing the project and directing the work on site.

Is interior design a good career?

Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd is a reputable company that provides high quality interior design services in Malaysia. They have won multiple awards for their designs in both local and international markets. They are dedicated to creating beautiful spaces that are timeless and innovative.

Dockland Builder has a team of skilled and experienced interior designers that can create beautiful designs for any size project. Their services include interior design, renovation and custom built-in carpentry. They also provide affordable interior design services in Malaysia.

Latitude Design Sdn Bhd was founded in June 2003. The firm’s portfolio includes classicism, luxury and contemporary residential and commercial projects. Its core areas of expertise are commercial, residential, hospitality, and architectural designs.

ACP Design is a fast-growing interior design firm in Malaysia. The firm has an excellent reputation for its hospitality and commercial designs. Its designs have won many awards including the Doty Award 2020. The firm has also received the Asia Honourable Award 2015.

Todo Design Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian interior design firm that specializes in providing high quality interior design services. They have been working in the industry for over seven years and have achieved success in both the local and international markets. They have also won the SME 100 Award 2017.

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