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Getting a credit card with a bad credit rating can be difficult. Many people have bad credit and may not qualify for many credit cards, but there are options available. However, you should be careful before you decide to open a credit card account. Obtaining a credit card with a bad credit score can mean a higher interest rate and higher fees. If you are able to find a card with a bad credit rating, the best option is to use it as a way to establish good credit habits.

What credit do banks check?

The best credit card for bad credit comes in the form of a secured card. A secured card requires you to provide a cash deposit, which is usually around $200 or $500. These cards are the easiest to qualify for with a bad credit rating.

One of the best instant approval credit cards for thimbl. – i need a credit card bad credit is the Bank of America Custom Cash Secured Card. The card offers a variety of options, from a one-time introductory 2% cash back on purchases to 1 – 3% cash back on purchases. It also comes with no annual fee.

Obtaining a credit card isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Many issuers offer instant approval online, allowing you to obtain a card within five to 14 days after you complete the application.

The best credit card for bad credit is the Bank of America Custom cash Secured Card. The card comes with many features, including a $0 annual fee and the ability to earn up to 2% cash back on purchases.

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