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Heavy duty swivel casters are the right choice for general utility trucks, dollies, and platform trucks. Their robust steel welded construction and grease-nipple design make them an excellent replacement for inferior casters. They are available with either a heavy-duty king pin or a kingpinless design.

How do I keep my casters from falling out?

Swivel casters are also useful for furniture moving, making them ideal for moving large and heavy objects. These casters come with a threaded insert to make installation easy. They are available in 3″ and 4″ sizes. The swivel stems allow the casters to turn 360 degrees for easy handling.

Casters heavy duty swivel are capable of handling up to 1,250 pounds per caster. They are suitable for warehouse carts, dollies, and platform trucks, and offer high-shock absorption capabilities. These casters also offer high-temperature resistance and are suitable for freight terminals and other environments.

Heavy-duty casters have a kingpin and a double-row ball bearing. The wheels are 3” wide and have a four-1/2” x 6-1/4″ top plate. They are designed to support heavy loads, so they are perfect for heavy-duty applications. Heavy duty casters are available in swivel, rigid, and brake styles. Typical load capacities for these casters range from 750 to 2400 pounds per caster. Casters have a durable zinc plating finish and offer a long service life.

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