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green turkish rug

If you are considering purchasing a green Turkish rug for your home, you will be glad to know that there are several popular brands and types available. Unlike many other rugs, this type of rug is made with fine quality handspun wool, which extends its durability. Unlike other rugs, handmade rugs are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, telling a story through their designs. These rugs will add a beautiful accent to any room and will also protect your floors from scratches.

Unlike most other rugs, Turkish rugs are handmade in Turkey, the former Ottoman empire. They use unique weaving and knotting techniques to create a range of stunning rugs. These rugs can range from flat-woven kilims to dense, knotted hali. Many of them are hand-knotted with a special knot called a Ghiordes, which imparts durability to the rug. These rugs are distinctive in their colors and motifs, and often reflect the region in which they were produced.

Green is a soothing color, perfect for the living room. It has also been used to promote comfort and calmness in the bedroom and kitchen. It is believed to increase fertility and alleviate stress. Traditional oriental rugs can be traced back to the fifth century BC Pazyryk Rug. They have also been made throughout the “rug belt” of Asia, from the Middle East to Northern India. It is believed that the Pazyryk Rug has a sacred place in the history of the world’s rugs.

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