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Buy psychedelics online canada are drugs with perception-altering and mind-expanding effects. While most people think of them as recreational drugs, they have a long history of being used medicinally, including in indigenous ceremonies to heal mental illnesses and stimulate spiritual growth. Today, psychedelics are increasingly being used in medical treatment and research.

Despite their reputation for providing life-changing experiences, psychedelics remain illegal on a federal level, though some cities like Vancouver and Toronto have decriminalized possession in certain circumstances. But how far will these efforts go before they lead to legalization?

Exploring the World of Exotic Mushrooms: A Shopper’s Guide

A growing number of companies are selling psilocybin mushrooms online in Canada. They are calling themselves “medical psilocybin dispensaries.” One company, called Zoomers, offers third-party-tested products that are shipped quickly and discreetly. The company also sells kratom, which is technically legal because its molecular makeup is slightly different from drugs on Canada’s list of controlled substances but produces the same effects.

Health Canada warns that taking magic mushrooms can cause an individual to see, hear or feel things that aren’t there and can lead to anxiety, fear, nausea and muscle twitches, as well as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It can also cause a bad trip and flashbacks.

Currently, the only way to legally access psilocybin in Canada is through clinical trials or Section 56 exemptions. Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act gives the Minister of Health discretionary powers to exempt individuals, classes of persons or classes of drugs from the application of the CDSA if they are being used for a medical or scientific purpose or in the public interest.

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