Getting Sex Right Now

It is pretty much the aim or lifelong objective of every guy to try and get as much sex as quickly as possible. In fact, some guys see this as a mission, wanting to get into bed with as many women as is feasibly possible, before they settle down with “the one”. Even if you are not quite such the playboy, you may still have times when you just want to get down and dirty with a girl, without having to put in too much effort. If that is the case, then it can be difficult to work out where exactly you can get sex on tap. Unless you are yourself A-grade ass, women are unlikely to be falling at your feet wherever you go, offering you their bodies. But there are a few ways around this, ways that you might be able to find a girl, tonight, that you can sleep with. These range in fallout from most to least, and in likelihood of sex from least to most, but you can give them all a try, and if you do, you will probably end up lucky tonight.

getting sex 1

Have sex with an ex

An Ex

This might be a big call to make, but at least she will know exactly what turns you on. Of course, choosing this path depends on how you two left it when you broke up, and what kind of relationship that you have now. If you haven’t talked for two years and you left her for her best friend, then it might not be the best call to make.But if it was a little fling and you still vaguely know each other, then it might be exactly what you want. The upside of this is that there needn’t be any beating around the bush, you both know what’s up and if she agrees to come round, she is always in need of some banging. The other plus to this approach is that she probably knows exactly how to turn you on, so know you are going to have a great night.The downsides are obvious. It will stir up all the last and you might end up arguing again. Although it may be that you call her because she is exactly what you want, and after she works her magic you end up wanting more of the same. This isn’t a bad idea, especially if you still get on, but just make sure you are happy with where it might lead if you end up in bed again.

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bang a buddy

A Friend

If you have a friend with benefits then you are a lucky boy. For the uninitiated, this is a girl that usually you just head out for beers with once in a while, but with whom you also have a private arrangement. That arrangement is that, when called, she will turn up at your place wearing skimpy underwear and offering up her body for no-strings sex. Once done, she might have around for a while, but she will not expect bacon and eggs in the morning and you will definitely not be on cuddling terms. She slip on the skimpies again and walk out of the door.This arrangement works the other way around as well. Most men will be happy with the idea of a women calling them up for sex every once in a while, but some are not so happy to be on call. But in this case, if you take it, you have to give it.

getting sex 3

Sex with a stranger

A Stranger

This is what most people default to when thinking of easy sex. The imagine they will hit up a local bar, getting chatting to a stunner and then head back to hers, where you will ravage each other mercilessly all night long, before you leave at daybreak, happy and tired.What really happens is that you great drunk and go for any slapper with her skirt around her waist. She will be equally inebriated, and you’ll go home, probably to yours for some very mundane, very forgettable sex. When you wake in the morning she will still be there and will not look anything like the night before. You’ll have to make her breakfast as your housemates try to stifle their laughs.OK, this can still be good, but it is definitely a hit and miss affair, so, though you stand a good chance of conjugals, the quality is not going to be the greatest.

All of these options will probably get you sex within a few hours, and all are open to most men. The trick is to work out your cost/benefit ratio for the even. Are you happy with a guaranteed bad lay, or do you want to aim for quality over assurance? The choice is yours.

Make Your Sex Fantastic!

Sex is so important to a successful relationship. You and your partner deserve to have the best sex you can have, so learning a few extra things to please your partner never goes amiss. Having the best sex you’ve ever had relies on a few things, but integrate some of these tips and you’ll see a massive improvement.


One of the most underrated sex tips is to make sure that your partner is rested, relaxed and ready for sensual pleasure. You can try every position under the sun to have great sex, but if either of you are nervous or non-relaxed, you’ll find that none of them really work as well as they might.Pleasure is mostly made in the brain after all and if you are stressed, anxious or nervous, you’ll be stopping your brain from making the pleasurable signals.The best way to relax is to give each other a nice, full body massage. This doesn’t mean rub your partner’s shoulders for a minute then carry on with foreplay though. A proper massage, lasting at least ten minutes will make everything else that you do to each other for pleasure that much more enjoyable and effective. Make sure to pay attention to all the parts of the body of your partner, not just the sexual organs.

relaxing couple

Relaxing makes -everything- better

Build Up To It

Whilst having a quicky is always fun, the best sex tends to have a great build up. The anticipation is much more sensual and erotic than anything else you can do, because your brain knows what is coming.Over the course of the day, send each other flirty messages and otherwise build the anticipation for the night of passion later on.It’s worth taking your time and building up the anticipation of the night too.Building up to something special is a great way to blow your partner’s mind in bed. A girl can send pictures of lingerie that she has bought or text suggestive messages throughout the day. Use your imagination and you’ll be able to figure out some special way to build the anticipation up for later on in the evening.


Try Using Lotions

Lotions, lube or anything else slippy can drive your partner wild. Applying scented lotions when massaging them to relax them further works too. Lavender is a proven aphrodisiac and will make everything a little more steamy.Lube up your man and he’ll feel everything a little more intensely, making everything you do make him want to explode.

Try Swapping Behaviour

Mixing things up is a fantastic idea in the bedroom. If you can add variety in to your sex life, you can keep your partner guessing what you’ll be doing next time, further increasing anticipation of the next time you are together.Try swapping from massaging your partner to tying them up in quick succession and you’ll get a much more responsive partner. When things happen that you aren’t expecting, you tend to remember them much more the next time. If you use the same positions or just go through the motions of sex, mixing things up will spice things up a lot more for both of you.

Try Talking Dirty

If you aren’t used to doing this, you might feel apprehensive at first, but it can really enhance everything you are feeling. The more sense involved in sex, the more pleasurable and intense it becomes. If you can add dirty talking in to your sexual repertoire, it can make the sex feel more taboo and adventurous. A lot of people enjoy dirty talking, but you don’t need to go overboard with it. Just asking whether your partner likes what you are doing and telling them how they feel is plenty.

happy tired couple

After a great lovemaking session, you’ll look like this


Almost everyone falls in to a rut of doing the same things to their partner over and over again. Whilst this is good because it shows that you know how to pleasure your partner, there’s no harm in asking whether they want something else done. They might be too shy to say anything the first few times but once you set the standards and show that it doesn’t matter if they do ask for things, you’ll find new things to do to your partner that you didn’t know they liked. The communication is a two way street, tell them how to please you and you’ll get rewarded with what you like as well as them. Communication is the lifeblood of relationships, there’s no reason why this would cease to be true when you are making love with one another. Don’t be shy and ask for what you want. You’ll probably get it and you and your partner will remember it forever.

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy And Happy

One of the main things you will want to do in any relationship, whether it has been going for five years or five minutes, it to keep it happy. This is easier said than done. Obviously it takes two to tango, and compromising and being happy with the other person’s happiness is paramount to keeping a relationship healthy. If you find your relationship is starting to strain, then consider what you might be able to do to change that, by changing your own behavior and talking to your partner about the behavior of both of you in the relationship.Whenever I am asked for relationship advice, it nearly always boils down to one thing – honesty. The more honest people are within their relationship, about where they see the relationship going, their own wants and desires, and what problems they might be having, the more stable the relationship and the more healthy the partnership is over time.Here are my few tips for keeping a relationship on the right track and making a happy couple.

Healthy Relationship 1

A happy relationship is great

Take Responsibility

Often one member of the relationship is the one that takes more interest in how the relationship is going and wondering whether everything is OK. Generally this is the female partner. So, guys, it is time to man up. A relationship really needs both people pulling their weight and, while there are times when one person will be more dominant, overall it needs to be that both people will take responsibility for the relationship.

If you find that your partner is always the one that has to bring up problems then, though you might not like it, you have to step up to the plate. Think about what is going well in the relationship and what might need to be improved. A common theme, especially among men is to not want to rock the boat. As long as things are generally OK, then they do not want to have relationship discussions, and will do whatever they can to avoid them. But this is the wrong attitude. Unless the relationship is perfect, then there will always be problems and someone will always have to air them. The person always bringing them up can become very irritated with having to be the bad guy, so, guys, you have to share that role.

Healthy Relationship 2

A healthy relationship will make you both happy

Admit When You Are Wrong

Along with taking responsibility for the relationship as a whole, you also have to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Relationships break apart over seemingly trivial problems, all because someone wasn’t able to admit that they were wrong. This stubbornness can really kill a relationship, and if you find yourself unable to say sorry, even for small things, then it is you that is killing your relationship.Of course, sometimes major indiscretions in a relationship can also lead to people having to apologize. If you are in the wrong, and are able to identify it, then you should immediately be able to say sorry. It might be that there are deeper lying problems within the partnership, but until that small word is said, there can be no moving on.The most difficult people to contend with are the ones who are unable to even see that they are supposed to apologize. These are the most difficult to deal with, and if you find your relationships constantly breaking down, then you are probably one of these people. Start by thinking every day about what you might have done to annoy your partner and saying sorry for it, no matter how small. These small apologies will allow you to reassess you behavior and start towards stopping having to say sorry at all.

Healthy Relationship 3

You will have the most fun in a healthy relationship

Don’t Keep It All Inside

A big issue, particularly among men, is not being open about your feelings and about the relationship in general. If you keep things inside all the time, then they are inevitably going to burst out at one time, normally in a flood of recrimination that your relationship might not survive.To counter this, make sure you are talking to your partner about your problems. These might be simple problems at work, or something you are not happy about in your life, but not necessarily the relationship. Partners are there to listen and to share your burdens, so use them like that.Some people do not like to be seen as moaning all the time, and men especially want to be the strong, silent type. But in reality, the problems of the world do mount up and everyone needs a release. Of course you should not complain every day about your partner not doing the dishes, but venting once in a while about smaller things makes sure that the relationship stays healthy and everyone knows exactly who needs what.

A Cost Free Way Of Finding Whether Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Is Cheating

A cheating girlfriend or boy friend is something that we all get worried about. At times, the worries may be unfounded. Perhaps it’s that he has to work late or the girl in his bathroom is his sister. However, there are some sure signals that you can use to find out whether your spouse is cheating on you. Remember that it is not everyone who cheats.

Look out for changes

Check the changes that have occurred in your relationship. Find out if you are the one who text or call always. This could be a bad sign. Are there any secret phone calls that your partner is making? Observe and see whether she has to leave the room in order to pick the call. However, you also need to be careful as she could just be trying to be polite. But at the same time you cannot ignore the fact that she could be guarding her conversations Find out if there some distinct changes in her appearance. Does she all of a sudden begin to worry about her looks, buying new clothes or spending more time at the mirror? If this is the case particularly where she is going out without you, then there is a reason for you to get worried. Consider also the time that she spends on the computer. Bear in mind that there are many adult chat rooms that caters for infidelity.

Check her behavior towards you

One of the greatest giveaways is when she begin to avoid eye contacts, particularly after meeting the other man. If she greets you and looks away, it is a sign that she is feeling guilty and there is something that she could be hiding. Getting into an argument and storming out of the house could be an excuse for spending time with someone else. When she also begins to lie, it should be a source of concern. Ensure that you connect the lie with particular time frames and you may notice a connection to infidelity. When your girl begins to pick fights and argue more often with you, it could be an excuse for getting out of the house

A woman is a great treasure

A woman is a great treasure


When you begin to see the signs mentioned above, it time to begin doing your own investigation. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a private investigator. You can talk to your friends and try to mention to them about your source of concern to see if they could have an idea. You can also try to make friends at her workplace and interrogate her colleagues. Send her flowers at the workplace and do not leave a name to see if she will ask you about them when she gets home.

I want you to investigate

I want you to investigate

When you find out that she is truly cheating, it is time to cake the next step. First find out the reasons why she could be cheating. Could you have failed as a partner? Consider the next step to take. These signs could also be used by a girlfriend to find out if the boyfriend is cheating.

Organize Your Inbox with These 3 Great Tools

Using an email system is one way to make communication faster and more effective in an organization. However, it can be stressful on your part when you have a disorganized inbox. Managing and organizing electronic mails can be a pain in the head, especially if you receive hundreds of emails daily. It becomes difficult for you to respond and read these emails. The great news is there are tools that can help you organize your inbox easily and effectively.

1. Organize with email organizers

If you are someone who has difficulty in handling your emails on a daily basis, then adding an email organizer application to the system is a great idea. These are great tools that allow you to archive and organize your inbox. Depending on the product you are using, some of the applications help you in reading your mails and find whatever you need in your inbox. Using this tool increases productivity by having a well-organized email set-up.

2. Desktop search tools

If your inbox is cluttered, then it is going to be difficult to look for the mail that you want to use or read. Most search tools that are already pre-installed are usually limited in their scope and function. Another great tool to take advantage of is a desktop search tool. There are many desktop search applications available. You can download some for free while others are only available if you pay for them. This tool is a wonderful tool as it finds the email that you can’t seem to find, thereby saving you time. A desktop search tool is also very easy to use. The files you are trying to search are going to appear on a display and are organized categorically.

3. Managing tools for email

Do not let pile of emails overwhelm you. Be the boss and organize your emails with managing tools for emails. Managing tool products will not only help you organize your mails, but also allow you to customize your inbox in a setup that is comfortable for you. Most managing tools also have search functions that are better than the search option available on your email. Some have applications that allow you to categorize mails upon its arrival or categorize them according to the conversations you have from that sender. This is indeed a powerful tool to control the clutter of you inbox and rule your email.

Most people have not realized the importance of de-cluttering their inbox. Working with an organized and well-categorized email can make you save time and energy. Using these tools will help you get the most of your email system and increase your productivity at work. Choose any of these tools and become more productive as you organize your inbox.

5 Tips To Increase Privacy On Social Media

It is important to ensure that the information you post on social media remains private. Apart from using the privacy features availed on social media, you should also implement the following 5 tips to increase your privacy online:

1. Use Social Media with Care

It is amazing how much personal information one can glean from social media websites. The advantage is that most social networks have made it easier for users to keep their profiles private. Still, you need to be careful in your use of social media. Only share information with people you know. Similarly, you should never accept friend requests from strangers.

2. Create Stronger Passwords

You should also use stronger passwords. Where possible, ensure that your passwords are longer than 8 characters. Combine numbers, lower case and upper case letters. Then, avoid using common words and easy- to- guess dates as your passwords.

3. Subscribe to Essential Posts Only

There are so many things to subscribe to on social media. However, it is wise to only subscribe to the most essential among these. For instance, the Subscribe button on Facebook will allow others to subscribe to the public posts you make instead of (or in addition to) sending you a friend request.

If you need your profile information to remain private, only post to your friend list. This will block some of your subscribers from receiving this kind of information.

4. Log Out

To access the full range of social media services, most search engines will require that you log into your account. To protect your privacy, ensure that you always log out of each of your social networks once you are done using it. Failing to do so means that someone may gain access to your account and private information using the same computer.

Additionally, most search engines and browsers have an auto- complete feature for suggesting endings to words you may be typing. This convenient feature sometimes leaks private information when used on social media. If you need your information to remain private, therefore, ensure you turn off this feature.

5. Control Apps and 3rd Party Websites

Apps on social media refer to the third- party plugins designed to enhance your use of that social media. However, apps on Facebook and Twitter can also be a major source of spam messages and posts.

This means that you need to know which apps can access your data and post on your behalf. Although most of these apps are good, you need to be careful about those you accept.

Review the apps that can access your information and check how they have been set up. Remove any app you no longer need. You should also check the info your friends are bringing into the apps they have subscribed to.

Guard Your Information

To conclude, before you share anything on social media, be sure it is something you would also share in real life. Never share info that people could use to identify you. Therefore, keep such identifying details as phone numbers, addresses, name, passwords and user names to yourself. You should also hide your email address because people could get this from your social networking accounts and use it to track the other information that gives away your identity

Allergy Food In Children

It is estimated that 5 percent of children below the age of 5 have food allergies. Food allergy has been on the rise for the last 20 years. Study shows that some kind of foods trigger allergy in kids. It is estimated that more than 30,000 severe food allergy cases are reported every year. However, it is important to note that few cases of deaths are witnessed every year. It is so sad to note that people often mistake food allergies with food intolerance hence do not take necessary measures to prevent the allergies in their kids. The following are foods associated with food allergies in children.


It is estimated that about 2.5 percent of infants have allergy to cow’s milk. These children can also exhibit allergic reactions to goat and sheep milk. This allergy is directly attributed to the major milk proteins, whey or casein. The milk sugar, lactose, does not cause any allergy, but it can cause food intolerance. Most children outgrow milk allergy at the age of 5. However, children who are allergic to milk are able to develop other food allergies. Research shows that 10 percent of children who were allergic to cow’s milk are allergic to bees.


Allergy to egg is most prevalent food allergies in kids. It affects about 3 percent of children. Kids may be allergic to yolk, white or both. However, most children will outgrow the allergy by the age of 5 years. Children with egg allergies have high risk of developing asthma and nasal allergies. The influenza vaccine should not be given to children who are allergic to eggs. However, MMR vaccine, which was once a great concern in children with egg allergy, should be administered to egg allergic children without any worry.


Soy is among the legume family and is related to peanut, though cross-reactivity seldom exists between them. It is approximated that 0.3 percent of children are allergic to soy. Most children outgrow the allergy at the young age and it rarely causes any serious reaction. Soy allergy can occur in children who are allergic to milk; therefore hydrolyzed proteins are ideal for infants who are allergic to cow’s milk.


Adults and children can experience a wide range of reactions to wheat, with only some being allergic. Allergy to wheat is outgrown at an early age and is rare for children to be allergic to other grains such oat, rice and barley.

Tree nut

It is approximated that about 0.5 percent of population have nut allergy. Nut allergy can tend to be severe and cannot be outgrown easily. It is likely for children with allergy for a type of tree nut to have allergy to another type of tree nut. Although tree nuts and pea nuts are unrelated, experts recommend nut tree diet for kids with either tree nut or peanut allergy.

In conclusion, it is advisable to have pediatric allergist as a consultant in your child’s allergy management. It is important to avoid giving your child food which is likely to cause allergy also adhere to medical advice from the doctor.

5 Ways To Effectively Use Loyalty Cards To You Advantage

Loyalty cards also referred to as membership cards or discount cards are special cards that retailers use to offer savings (i.e. discounts, incentives and periodic perks such as follow-on coupons) to their customers to encourage them to continue shopping at their stores. Customers present the cards at purchase and they are given discounts.

Types of loyalty cards

Most retailers give customers one of the 2 types of loyalty cards: credit card size loyalty card or a tag. Credit card size loyalty card is meant to be kept in a purse or wallet while a tag (i.e. a smaller card with a hole) is meant to be placed on a keychain. Both loyalty cards have a unique customer number that is recognized by a computer.

Five ways to effectively use a loyalty card

1. Put coupons in the context: If you are given a coupon at check-out after scanning your loyalty card, find out why it was specifically given to you and whether or not it makes the item(s) a good deal. If the deal is good then use the coupon to get a discount.

2. Keep a personal record on the cost of items: This will help you know if a special price on a particular item through the loyalty card program is really special. Another retail store may be selling the same item at a cheaper price without loyalty discount. For example: Walmart does not have loyalty card program, when asked why they claim that they want to sell their products to everyone at low prices, all the time.

3. Note that any deal-induced urgency is usually created with a purpose: Some retail stores will offer customers coupons say, for $5 off an item order of at least $50, but it will be valid only for seven days. Translation: “Come back as soon as possible and spend more money with us. But be fast about it!” The fear of losing is such a powerful motivator so recognize and stay away from it.

4. Create a balance between the cost of your time and the savings: If you receive a special to attend a particular event, find out if going to the retail store to redeem it is worthwhile. If it will take you too far off your way, then it is not worth your time.

5. Do not be pressured into purchasing what do not want. Although this advice may be hard to adhere to since the information you provide to the retail store through their loyalty program make the adverts they serve you more targeted, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Benefits of loyalty cards

1. Customer relationship: Loyalty cards help improve sales and retain customers. They also attract customers through discounts, incentive and exclusive deals. Loyalty card incentives promote good customer relationship

2. Business growth: Loyalty cards promote business growth by reducing advertisement cost and increasing business returns.

Loyalty cards help customers spend less on certain items. To make the most out of them identify the items that have special prices and buy them before they offer expires.